The Terms

• The 2017-2018 season is defined as June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018.

• Programs must make their event schedules and lock the event dates in prior to October 1, 2017

• The Season Pass is registered by the team (not the athlete).

Programs will receive 2 FREE crossovers (per team) that are registered on the Season Pass.

• All Season Pass registrations will occur in our online registration system.

• All season pass registrations are subject to a $25 per team administrative processing fee. This fee will automatically be calculated on your registration confirmation page.

• Should a program’s event schedule change at any time after it has been confirmed, the program will be subject to the following conditions:

1) If a program cancels an event from their schedule, there will be no refunds.
2) If a program cancels an event from their Season Pass schedule, more than 30 days prior to the event date, there will be no penalty.
3) If a program cancels an event within 30 days of an event date, there will be a $10 per athlete cancellation fee applied to your program account.
4) If a program changes or adds an additional Season Pass event within 30 days of an event date, there will be a $10 per athlete add/change fee.

• There will be NO refunds of any Season Pass registrations if an event should cancel.  Teams, however, will be permitted to select alternative Season Pass events off the master event calendar.

• You are not required to attend a specific brand, or a certain number of brand events to qualify for The Season Pass. The Season is proud to provide customers with a variety of events, brands, and locations to choose from when making their event schedules.

• All Season Pass rebates are up-front rebates off registration fees.

• In order to provide these up-front rebates, The Season Pass requires:
1) The customer to commit to a set schedule by entering and confirming the events the team is attending and the number of athletes/teams attending each event.
2) This commitment must be made PRIOR to October 1st in order to receive The Season Pass rate.

• If you drop athletes from a team registered for The Season Pass, there will be no refund of fees for those athletes for that event.

• All Season Pass registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE so choose your competition schedule carefully.

• Should a program that has already confirmed their Season Pass event schedule reduce the number of Season Pass events that they attend, that program will not be penalized for dropping events from their schedule. However, if a team decides to switch or add an event within 30 days of an event date that they are scheduled to attend, the team will be required to pay a $10 per athlete add/change fee.

• Notify your sales rep, or registration department, as soon as possible if you need to make any changes to your Season Pass schedule after it has been confirmed.

• A select number of events listed on The Season Pass will be Specialty Events and have an additional “add-on” fee per event. These additional add-on fees can be paid at the time you register for The Season Pass, or the fee can be paid no later than the on-time deadline date for that particular Specialty Event.

• This program does not require your exclusive commitment to our brands; however, the program provides greater rewards for greater participation.

• End-of-Season Events are not included as a part of The Season Pass (I.e Worlds, THE ONE Finals, The U.S. Finals, etc.). You can, however, earn bids to all of these wonderful events by attending our various Season Pass qualifying events. Check out the list of events and sort the list by Bids and you can see what bids are available at select events.

• The Season Pass has the largest rebate in the industry!

Contact your sales rep for additional pricing details…